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[FREE] Ageless Pilates : The Secret to Moving Comf

Christine Binnendyk,: Ageless Pilates : The Secret to Moving Comfortably, Easily and Pain-Free for the Rest of Your Life

Ageless Pilates : The Secret to Moving Comfortably, Easily and Pain-Free for the Rest of Your Life


Master Pilates trainer Christine Binnendyk shows over-40-year-olds how to slow down the aging process - and jettison pain patterns - with this safe, simplified, and fully illustrated approach to Pilates. In just 15 minutes a day, with no equipment at all, the Ageless Pilates system retrains the body past pain and discomfort, regardless of age or current condition. Binnendyk has revolutionized the practice of Pilates with an easy-to-learn ABC system that creates youthful energy and mobility starting with the very first lesson. The ABCs - Anchor Points, Body Geometry and Comfort Choices - quickly become intuitive, allowing the system to carry from the exercise mat into everyday life. Anchor Points provide stability and safety for every position and movement. Body Geometry creates an efficient structure that works just the right amount to get results, but not so much that it causes undue wear and tear. Comfort Options offer the flexibility to fine tune every exercise based on how the body feels right in this moment. When combined, these concepts transform body mechanics and movement patterns creating a body that is strong and limber, comfortable and pain-free. Bodies of all ages respond with new comfortable posture, loose and easy movement patterns, and a renewed sense of energy. Each of the 23 Lessons features options that make the exercises accessible to all levels, increasing confidence, strength and flexibility. Master these in 15-minutes a day, then move on to the 18 Workouts for ongoing practice and continued improvement. Whether you're simply looking for a sleek, ageless body, or you're working with an ailment like low-back pain, arthritis, low bone density or diminished mobility, you'll find lessons and workouts designed specifically for you.

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Author: Christine Binnendyk,
Number of Pages: 190 pages
Published Date: 28 Feb 2010
Publisher: Effortless Movement
Publication Country: Portland, OR, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780982317006
Download Link: Click Here

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